Sapphire Hemp CBD Flower

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Sapphire - Hemp CBD Flower

The sapphire gem stone is also known as the stone of Tranquility, so it is fitting that this beautifully frost covered flower be named the same. The mixture of cookies and citrus pack a punch to the nose once broken open and the taste is as smooth and pleasant. This is our most popular Hemp Flower, so join the community and enjoy the Tranquility!


As always, this flower was grown without any kind of pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers.


Complete Cannabinoid Profile:

CBD 14.40%

CBC .02%

CBDA 15.9%

CBGA .59%

D9-THC .07%

Terpene Profile

Camphene .057%

beta-Caryophyllene .104%

beta-Farnesene .077%

Fenchol .024%

Fenchone .022%

Guaiol .021%

alpha-Humulene .049%

beta-Myrcene .36%

trans-Nerolidol .0171%

cis-beta-Ocimene .067%

Phytol 1 .0088%

Phytol 2 .021%

alpha-Pinene .090%

alpha-Terpineol .0120%

Total Measured Terpenes .93%