Hurricane Florence CBD Hemp Flower

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Hurricane Florence - CBD Flower

Hurricane Florence, A new wicked strain coming from one of our Pennsylvania partners, while there is not much know about the genetics or origin of this flower we can tell you its unlike most we've seen. Coming straight out of North Carolina and racking in nearly 19% total CBD content it was one we could not wait to list! So much so that we listed it even with the VERY limited amount we have, this is going fast and you will not want to miss it, once its gone it is GONE.

Left with just a touch of sugar leaves because we could not bring it to us to trim those frosty beauties off.

Sweet and fruity with a light undertone of cracked pepper corn and the long lasting aroma of fresh grape and blue berry, this is one of our fruitiest and darkest strains coming in right next to our beautiful Purple Haze